Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Stuff I Love

Wow, time - TIME is flying by so fast. Every day, every minute. It truly just takes my breathe away. What matters, what do you care about, what should I blog about??? It is truly overwhelming and with all that is going on in the world - I do have to stop and ask .... what the f am I doing??? I cannot solve the problems in Haiti right now. My donations are welcome - but really??? The logistics of making them MATTER are overwhelming. True. Shut up. Just send some money people... that is truly what they need to help get people on the ground. Pretty sure I'm not going, so I will do a little and send some money. You can too. Doesn't have to be a lot. 10 bucks. Now - on to the other stuff...

Just devoured the Golden me shallow. YES, I love every minute of this award show....who is sitting where and who are they talking too...waaay more fun than who is on stage!!! Even though the host tonight was hilarious!!! I admit my Direct tv account is worked overtime... tape everything I can. LOVE Blockbuster online...I can never EVER get anything back when it is due...this service is amazing!!! They send you stuff in the mail and you can keep it for fin'g ever!!! I'm in heaven...I've had the second season of ARMY WIVES for about six weeks. THEY don't care!! LOve that. Love the show...just been a little busy with life and Christmas...Christmas is big at my house. Takes me awhile to put it up, enjoy, and take it down. Don't mess with Mama...decortating mode is not pretty. House all done is. And to all those sweet friends that thought I paid someone to do it - I LOVE you!! What a compliment!!!

So 2010 - the things I love and I think you will too!!! I'm going to start with just the products. Simple and you can decide and go buy what matters to you...

1. Fit Flops or Reebox Easy tone shoes - if your feet aren't happy - YOU aren't happy!! If they actually tone anything too - well that is just a big freakin bonus!! These shoes feel so good you really won't care about the other stuff. And, yes, I think they do try and decide.

2. Latisse - yes!! Your eyelashes and eyebrows will grow...promise. Then try Maybelline Stiletto Voluptious Mascara!!! Best ever!!! LONG and FULL...don't forget Latisse. Worth every Penny!!!

3. Once you get eyebrows ( or if you don't and you just want them ) use Anastasia's Brow Pen to fill them in...I love the Universal Deep Shade. Thanks to Latisse I have eyebrows but they are still blonde. LIKE my NATURAL haircolor that needs L'oreal thank you very much to stay blonde.

4. From across the POND are several products - This one is available at Target - No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum --- lots of words in that one. Kept reading about it all over the place and yes, it is a cult item...finally, bought it, used it and yes, now I'm telling you - try it. I Really like it. MY skin seems smoother and better and brighter after using it. Remember - no one is paying me to say this... just my opinion...It's in the Boots line of products at Target..

5. Rimmel - another British line...everywhere - drugstores - the new polish French Manicure Pro line is great!!! Stays on and lasts - really like it.Eye colors in Lynx are really pretty for all color eyes - my hint is to always use the darkest color of the set CLOSEST to you your eyelashes....darkest color on the lids and lightest color at your brows....makes YOUR eyecolor pop. Everytime. And that is what you want - people to notice your eye color not your eye shadow....

6. Urban*Decay eyeliner - 24/7 my two favorite colors are Underground and gunmetal - if you are over not let the bright colors and all freak you out...These eyeliners last forever and are worth the money. Go to proud and stand tall and buy them...Check out girl told me the eye shadows were amazing too... haven't tried them yet but will let ya know.

7. Covergirl Olay simply ageless line - concealer and foundation - LOVE Ellen - so proud of CG for using her in their advertising - if you like her show you will love her books - watch and go buy and support smart, funny women everywhere!!!And this makeup is really good too!! The trick to all foundation is just put it where you need it....pat it on. Do not spread it like it's icing on a cake. That looks fake. Just where you need it. And just pat it on...

8. For just a little bit of color - but soooo important - bare minerals - rose radiance is the most amazing and natural blush ever....little bit will make your eyes pop and yours cheeks can lift up your whole face.

9. Last but not least - just remember this is all just paint on an old barn. And all barns look better with a little paint. All faces look better with a big ole smile... A really big smile that makes your eyes crinkle up - a smile that shows you really feel it. Really feel and enjoy life - every minute and every day... it is all flying by so fast...

Finally - what do I's simple really. I love knowing that something I said or wrote matters to you. Because YOU are important. I could be writing to myself in a HIDDEN diary right now - but I'm not. I'm bloggin online and asking my friends and loved ones to read this. So, I really like it when you tell me something I wrote about made you laugh, made you smile or made your life better. I love really sweet friends that give me beautiful elf shoe wine glasses because she missed my girl party, girlfriends that call me to play tennis cause we found out at the last minute we are challenging in for another level - WTF?? - Amazing friends that introduce me to the sweetest dogs on the planet that I now just have to have ...and I'm thankful for my amazing daughter who shows me that she is smart and strong and able to take care of herself. I am proud of her little brother that is following in her footsteps and is willing and able to take care of all of us...and to Wonderman...who patiently waits while I spend extra hours just blogging about stuff...I am so thankful.


  1. Does Lastisse work on eyebrows or just eyelashes?

  2. both!!! It is great - if you end up getting it let me know and I'll tell you how I stretch my bottle out and make it last a long time...