Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Perfect Day

Let's make this easy and start at the beginning....okay, night of sleep - not great but at 48 yrs. old it was better than lately. Not Wonderman's fault cause he was out of town...just pesky little hot flashes waking me up every 45 minutes. Then about 7:ish..I started thinking about how good that coffee was going to taste so I got up, cracked the shutters and OMG!!!A freakin winter fairyland was in my own backyard!!!SNOW and I mean a lot of Freakin SNOW for TEXAS was all over everything. How cool is that to start your morning? Then I got online and found out the schools were still babysitting for the day and HELLO!! It got even better!!! Heh, heh, heh!! Drove Gman to high school bitchin the whole way while Mommie was doing Happy DANCE in my seat!! Then I remembered the house fairies/maids were coming and that kinda sucked the joy out for about as long as it took me to realize at the end of the pretty snowy day I was going to have an amazing CLEAN house - that someone else cleaned - so WOW!! How cool is that???

Morning kinda of dragged on as I got the house ready for someone else to come clean - and let me tell you that is WORK people....then I got the desperate, pitiful help me text from Gman begging me to spring him from boredom and high school babysitting...almost said no, but - I am fun mom after all so I said "Fine, 1:45 but no earlier." Plus that gave him time to take his quiz. And I needed to take him to get stuff for his lacrosse tournament this weekend.Then I found out hubby had landed during the snow storm and would be home for dinner....shift from macaroni to plan B. (Hope there was something that would defrost in the freezer - have you ever BEEN to the grocery store when it was actually snowing like freakin crazy??? And I'm not talking about the day before when the newsreporters are just gassin on about a possible storm...I'm talkin about snow everywhere already AND STILL COMING DOWN!!!Lucky for me Wonderman had gotten some free (I KNOW) chicken from Market Street this week and I thought - duh, slap something together with that and wha macaroni...Let me just say. Slap something - shit nothing...that was an amazing dinner. I think I could have put Gman's plate in the cabinet without water cause he licked it clean and said - I quote - "OMG MOM YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS AGAIN!!! - Score MOM!!!

Now, while this amazing feast was cooking I was cooking and watching my taped shows like: Cougar Town, which I hated the first week but, OMG LOVE it now....hate to be wrong but this show is so freakin funny now!!! LOVE it and I apologize to Ms. Cox for trashing the first week...still think it was weak but awesome now... then I watched the cutest thing ever on tv and that would be White Collar!!There is just nothing hotter than the prettiest man on the planet that would not in a million years want to have sex with me!! Weird - no, cause I am happily married to a Wonder(ful)man that would not like for me to be crushing on another super hot man - unless, there was NO CHANCE IN HELL THIS MAN WOULD BE INTERESTED IN ME...WINK WINK! And that too is okay!! THis man is so beautiful and NOT interested in me that the whole threesome thing takes on a whole nother meaning...;)Lookout Wonderman..all I'm saying is I LOVE this show...

And speakin of shows it just gets better and makes my perfect DAY cause at the end I get to watch Vampire Diaries!!! WHO HOOOOO...THURSDAYS ROCK!! Specially, every other when the house fairies come and every week when dinner rocks and Vampire Diaries is on!!Did I mention that I need to go pack now cause Hubby is taking me to Pebble Beach tomorrow to watch celebrities and pros play golf for the weekend...????? Perfect Day - I think so!!!

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  1. ok, I get it, I better start watching this White Collar show with you....signed, WM