Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Good Stuff

It has been awhile since I shared the good stuff...I don't even know where to begin. It is officially summertime. That is always GOOD STUFF. I love summer more than any kid and that is saying alot. Everyday feels like a vacation day to me. Silly cause I haven't had a real nine to five job in many years but there is just still something about summer that feels like the best days ever. I still do the stuff I do all year long but summer makes it better. So here are a few of my favorite things and this will be all over the place.

Glee - OMG...I am late to this party but I am catching up!! I own but have not watched the first season. Started watching the week of Madonna and haven't stopped since. What an amazing show!!! Forget American Idol...if you want to watch amazing kids sing and enjoy an even better story with great lines...then just try this show!!! Between this and Friday Night Lights - high school rocks!! Two totally different shows but still!! Great TV.

Also just watched The Good Guys....loved it!!Filmed in Dallas, Collin Hanks (Tom's son) and Bradley Whitford are hilarious!! And Drop Dead Diva is back on LOVE THAT!!

Just saw Killers and it was GREAT!! Go see this movie!! Screw the critics and while you are there go see Sex in the City Two!! I am shocked by all the bad press...Great chick flick!! And bite me all critics blasting this movie... It is SUPPOSED to be over the top. GET a LiFE people...do we really want to see the girls wearing clothes from the Gap/Old NAVY and going to the beach in Florida????NEW FREAKIN JERSEY??? THAT would be a Situation. And no I refuse to watch that show. I am not even watching the Housewives ANYWHERE anymore. Why??? I just can't stand to watch women BASH each other. So not cool. It is time for Women/Girls EVERYWHERE to lift each other up and make the world a better place. Tearing each other down gets us no where.

Products...here are my latest favs...Neutrogena Oil free Acne Wash (pink Grapefruit facial cleanser) OMG not sure whether to wash with it or drink it...smells amazing and it seems to be keeping those annoying little over 40 something breakouts at bay...pimples and wrinkles are so not fun...just a fact of life for us 40 somethings...

Garnier Skin Renew Anti Sun Damage - this promises to take care of sun damage and age spots. Will keep you posted. Love how it makes my skin look and feel and it has spf 28. Will let ya know next month how the age spots are fading.
As for the best EVER sunscreen that also keeps the shine away - Colore Science Sunforgettable SPF 30 Sun Protection is AWESOME. Best of all it is a powder. Use your regular products and then this and it will cut the shine and give you sunscreen protection too.

Hair - BioSilk - shampoo, conditioner and Therapy...Allure magazing rated it number one. It is great. Found a really good deal at Target. All three 12oz. products for 26.00 - crazy!! Just the Therapy 12 oz. was 41.00 at most retailers. Run to TARGET!! My hair looks and feels thicker and it is lasting for days...I liked the Morracan Oil products but had to wash my hair more frequently. If you are washing yours everyday - STOP!!! Or at least don't blow dry it everyday. Very damaging to your hair.

Food. Baby girl is rocking this at home - Pillsbury Cresent Rolls and Tollhouse Chocolate chips...just wrap them up together and bake and OMG...so simple so good!!Not bikini friendly but who cares!!

Hobby Lobby...love that store!! If it is not on sale - wait a week and it will be!

Facebook...connecting with old friends is always a good thing!!! Cousins even better.

Puppies. Are truly a blessing when you have to say good by to the BEST GIRL DOG EVER...R.I.P. our sweet Lucy girl. Pets are more than just a part of the family. They are the glue that keeps us all together. If you don't have one for any reason...think about it again. Just do it. Your family will be closer for it. Can't explain it just know it. Trust me on this one - unconditional love is what the Good Stuff is all about.

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  1. love the post and I agree...Sex and the City was great.....