Monday, June 21, 2010

Adult Movie Heaven

I have died and gone to Adult Movie that I have your attention - not necessarily THAT kind of movie just that kind of Movie PLACE...for grown ups!!! I'm talking about Gold Class Cinemas. Wonderman had a great idea today when he got home from golfing in 102 degree heat...I thought he'd be jumping straight into the pool but NOOOOO. He wanted to go see a movie in AIR CONDITIONING. Since I'd been floatin all day anyway this seemed like a good idea to me too. Somehow we ended up at the Gold Class Cinemas and let me just tell you - worth EVERY penny more. I am talking top of the line movie experience. From our little wait in the lobby/nightclub to the amazing movie seats themselves!!! OMG talk about heaven - so comfy and they recline. And like pool service on vacay you have a little button you push and the cutest movie slaves come running to bring you whatever you want...Did I mention the wine and beer list??? You name it they have it cold and most on TAP and all you do is push a button and they come very quickly and quietly to wait on you!!!Now, I've already mentioned it was freakin hot outside today and let me tell you it was meatlocker cold in there worries!! Just push the button and you have a blanket and PILLOW!!! I KNOW!!! Too cool!!

The food looked amazing but I already had everything marinating at home for a big ole cookout so we just had the gourmet cheese popcorn and it wasn't that much more than regular movie popcorn but it was so delicious. Bout half way thru the movie all I could think about was the chocolate, carmel marshmellow popcorn so I just pushed that magic button and poof there was my movie slave with the best popcorn ever and another round of beers for the two happiest movie goers on the planet. Now, if you know me - I like to stay home and watch movies in my own home movie theater and yes, we have those amazing reclining seats and I can eat my favorite stinky popcorn (parmesean cheese and cumin with a touch of garlic salt) and I have beverages of the adult variety too. I just do not have the magic button and movie slaves bringing me stuff!!!Not to mention real food if I want it and let me tell you - I want it and can't wait to go back and see another movie and eat dinner there too!!! As a matter of fact Wonderman and I are planning to just vacay there instead of flying anywhere this summer!! Just think no security hassles or extra baggage fees!!! See ya at the movies!! Oh, and go see Toy Story - just take some tissues if you are sending someone off to college this summer!!

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