Friday, May 21, 2010

Best Dream Ever!!!

Sometimes my best sleep happens after the alarm clock goes know, when someone else needs to get up and you don't. That alone is awesome but just getting to lay there an extra hour is pure heaven. Having a really fantastic dream too is just better than birthday cake. That happened to me this week. Now I know you are all just dying to know what and who I dreamed about. This will also be a test to see if Wonderman is reading my blog. I've been feeling a little ignored here lately. Pretty sure he is not keeping up.

Back to dream world. As usual George was there. I am convinced he is refusing to get married because I am already taken and he is just waiting patiently for that to change. Being the gentleman that he is and the lady I am we are just not available for each other at this time. Wonderman is breathing a sigh of relief (IF HE IS READING HIS WIFE'S BLOG!!!) I am sure George is reading - this is my dream world story back to my dream. Well, George is being all Clooney on me and that is fab but here is the BEST part of my dream. As if GC isn't enough!!! I am a much younger and better version of myself too!! WHA HOOO!! We all know he likes his girlfriends slightly younger but still classy. AND in my dream I am rocking a smoking body in the wonderful age zone of nothing saggin or baggin!!! My hair is super long and full and fab!! I don't even need bangs (my version of botox - call mine bangtox) cause my forehead is still smooth...I am so excited about this all that poor George is feeling ignored. I swear - I can't stop looking at myself long enough to even think about him!! Now, that things have started to change in reality I can really appreciate the chance to enjoy a smoking hot body in my dream world. So I am not ashamed to admit that I was just not that into him right then...I was having way more fun in my dream world closet trying on all that cute stuff that I am too old to be wearing now in reality world. Needless, to say George was feeling a wee bit ignored and being the movie star that he is this is not a normal feeling for him. That was when the doorbell rang and guess who came strollin in??? Those two cute vampire brothers from my favorite TV show. This is also when the alarm clock went off again and POOF there went my smoking hot 30something body ...back to reality. You know you are really getting older when you are more excited about dreaming you are younger than dreaming about George...

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