Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm a mag hag

I'm always amazed when someone tells me they don't like to read. I think reading is more natural than breathing to me. I think about reading all the time. I love book stores. Could spend hours in them. The only problem is - besides spending all that money there - I at some point realize I want to be somewhere else reading these books and then the stress sets in. To buy or read...there is only so much time in 24 hours. I don't just stop at books. I love magazines. That is why I love the mail truck. I love the surprise (well, not really a surprise...if you have subscriptions to almost every mag known to woman odds are THERE will be a mag in the box....) of opening the door and inside underneath all the junk mail - hate that almost as much as the pesky unsolicited phone calls ...really do need to get rid of that land a thick stack of magazines....that is a worth the trip down the driveway in pouring rain.

The wonderful thing about magazines is that whatever you are interested in - there is a mag for that!!You name it, go ahead and try one topic and I can almost promise you there is a mag for that. So even people that "don't like to read" have to have interests in something. Grab a mag and take 20 minutes to just expand your knowledge and drink a cup of green tea while you're at it. That is another one of my fav things - hot tea and my new electric tea pot that gets the water super hot super fast without that annoying whistle blaring sound...I have a real problem with loud noises. THANK god neither of my kids wanted to play volleyball. I even tried to get baby girl to try it around 5th grade when we realized she was going to get her father's height. Little did I realize it meant sitting in a gym with bells and buzzers going off every 4 minutes and that you would be stuck there in buzzer hell for hours and days and every weekend for freaking ever. I am awed by my girlfriends that devote all their reading time to sitting and doing that. They don't even get "Sorry, weather is too hot, too cold or raining/sleeting/snowing" breaks. That is the bad thing about we can play in any weather sports. Prolly why my kids like tennis, golf and lacrosse. Good old outdoor sports that usually need dry good weather conditions to play. Most of the time anyway...

Back to mags and more hot coffee so I can focus and not ramble. This whole blog started because I was reading the March issue of O Magazine. I've already mentioned I read a lot...and what I consistently love about Oprah's mag is the writing. Every month I find my moneys worth in just that alone. I haven't even finished reading it and I just had to stop and share with you how good this issue is. I was blown away by the article by Zoe Fitzgerald Carter who wrote about dealing with her mother's decision to end her life. Lisa Kogan never disappoints... I am always laughing and most of the time thinking did I just write that or read/say/feel that. Only wish I had just written it. She is great and a staff member and there every month. Getting it right every time. She also has a book coming out and I'll be watching for that on one of my trips to my heaven on earth/book store. By the way, if you can still get a copy of Jan. issue do not miss Paige William's article "My Bra's Too Tight". Again very funny but also so inspiring for women everywhere that wake up and realize they need to make some major changes in their life. Major or small making changes means we are growing and getting better. We all need to keep doing that. Try a magazine - I really think we are all readers, we just need to find what we like to read.

As for me, time to get back to O - lots more to read and lots more really fab things to dream about that most of us prolly can't afford. Keep checking back in and I'll keep sharing the Good Stuff you and I can!! And if you're wondering if I just sit around all day reading - of course not!! I'm on stand by right now waiting for Gman to let me know if I can go watch him play his first JV golf tournament...for some reason he was not sure when I dropped him off if MOMS were allowed to be there. I was even willing to caddy for him. Imagine that! Thank God he sent me home to wait. Did I mention that it was 34 degrees and play was delayed due to frost??? Why the H&%$ does anyone want to do anything outside when it is cold? And no I don't throw myself off mountains of snow with little razor blades strapped to my boots either. I prefer poolside vacays with cabana boys waiting on me hand and foot while I READ a big thick stack of mags and finish at least half the suitcase load of books I brought.

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