Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Which Came First the Gaga or the Egg...

Now just relax all you little monsters, I am not going to trash/bash your leader - Lady Gaga...I actually like her music and her message of love one another for who we are. At least I think that is what she is saying...sometimes I just get a little distracted by all the crazy. And I'm calling her crazy with love. Bless her heart.

Last year when she burned the piano on tv I was entralled and I loved that song. Problem is - I don't really remember the song. Just the piano burning. I know I loved the song and her voice was amazing. But that burning piano really got my attention. That, I remember. And then there was the meat dress and purse. Who could forget that!! Wowzer!!No one, cause it went viral fast and the comedians - they had a blast. She can rest assured no one will ever forget that. Or the Egg entrance this year at the Grammy's - already the song is kind of a distant memory. But, that may not be all her fault. My memory is pretty selective these days. But if shock value and "fame" is what she's going for then she is living her dream. I just think it is a little sad cause her real talent is her voice. But I don't think I'm the only one that is easily distracted from that.

I was watching Wendy Williams this morning and she was interviewing the lovely Roberta Flack. Talk about an amazing voice!! Wendy got her to sing one of the most beautiful songs ever - Killing Me Softly. I couldn't believe that I remembered all the words. I couldn't help but wonder if one day in the future, say 30 plus years from now - if Lady Gaga will be on a talk show singing one of her songs from today. And if so, what will she be wearing??? I just hope she lasts and let's us focus on her voice and not all the crazy. She's got our attention now - let us enjoy the music.

Speaking of the Grammy's, I was shocked in a good way when the girl that most of us had never heard of won Best New cool was that!! Isn't that kind of the purpose of "New" ? I love Gaga and I've got Bieber Fever too but at this point I don't think of them as new. They are everywhere. I am so glad the Grammy's recognizied someone we need to know more about. Someone without all the crazy - just an amazing talent. I bet she'll be around in 30 years.

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