Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Wow - can't believe it's April...finally everything is green again and that is good. Unfortunately, here in Texas that does not mean that it is time to start planting yet....cause it can be 80 degrees yesterday and 50 degrees today with monster winds that feel like 40....and we are expected to play tennis and other sports in this. Until you have stood face to wind with our wind just shut the hell up. YOU have no idea...unless you live in Chicago. I HEAR the wind is crazy there too. But you have ginormous buildings to block and hide behind. Just step onto a frickin tennis court without a hill in sight much less a mountain or tall building. Then try to find the little yellow ball and make it go where ya want it to go...hubs and his amazing partner did that this past Sunday!! Great match and I had the best seat in the house - sidelines with her hubs going "Great job!! Where was that shot when WE were with you!!" Seriously, sideline hell on earth. You WANT them to play well and win. Just NOT that well. UNLESS THEY ARE PLAYING THAT F'ING WAY WITH YOU. I am already planning my snack tray for next week if and only if hub's new tennis wife is going to agree to play with him again. Trust me - I have WAY more fun watching and cheering him on with her playing ....hopefully she feels the same way.

Along with spring cleaning which is the only thing to do when tv goes into rerun mode...omg!! Ya'll know I love my tv and right now it is all reruns... except for the best of all time and my new favorite ever reality show!!! I've tried to be a faithful Real Housewives - and I do love just looking at all the amazing homes we've been invited to. I just can't keep watching all the nasty girl drama between the should be friends. Drives me crazy. Can't stand girl bashing. But I have watched almost all of these shows for at least the first three episodes. Without a doubt the only one I can proudly recommend is a spin off show called Bethany Ever After. She is from the New York wives show and always a favorite of mine just because she seemed so real. Flaws and all. AND WE ARE ALL FLAWED. Most of us just don't have the courage to show these flaws to everyone. She does and you love her for it. Missed her whole wedding show season - only cause I got bored with all the crazy drama of all the other housewives shows. Not sure how or why I even watched her new show on her own. I am soooo glad I did. Please - give this show a try. If this is not for real and they are ranking our chain I am going to be so upset. Great reality tv. Husband is the absolute cutest thing ever except for the baby. Then you throw in the nannie and her whole church episode and all the others it is just great tv you can relate too. Bethany has the courage to say all the crazy shit you want to you are just to chicken to do so. Then there is the week she goes home AGAIN with hubs to see the grandparents...It is the best reality tv episode of all time. To my amazing inlaws - I love you!! I am so lucky to have you in my life and my children's life. They adore you. To my family you know I love you too as do the kids and John -guess this episode just showed all the dynamics that go into making our extended families work. It really made me think of all of you - inlaws, parents, and tennis wives/husbands and is good - cause you are a huge part of it!!

As for the title of this blog - well it is spring and I VACUUMED today...that counts for spring cleaning right???? Just watch - Bethany Ever After on Bravo you won't be sorry!!

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