Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Blahhhhh

Well that sucked...and sometimes sucking is not a good thing. Ya'll know I'm all about my vampires. Books, tv and yes even those annoying to some but loved by most - vampire movies. Why? Good question. I have decided I am partial to handsome vampires. So that rules out all of Anne Rice's boys/girls. They are just brutal and mean. At least as far as I got in her series. Not far. I even tried the artsy one Let the Right One In...or something like that and well call me a whimp but - yuck. Didn't finish and won't go see the new movie out either. Creepy little girl bloodsuckers just have zero appeal for me. Now, a hot guy with serious issues and reasons why it shouldn't work with the troubled female, blah, blah and blah...yea I'm all over that. Make him hot, bad, sarcastic, and crazy too - even better. Throw in a really hot and troubled but good guy brother and you have Vampire Diaries. Hands/vangs down the best vampire thing going. If you are not watching - DO - go buy the first season. I promise you will love it. PROMISE. If you don't, well you prolly won't like my blog either. So just stop reading now and have a nice boring life.

For everyone else...don't bother reading the book series of Vampire Diaries - kind of dull after watching the show which does not follow the books. If you want to read a series that is wayyyy better than the show then read Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series...just go to Amazon and start at the beginning. The show has been alot of fun but the books are so much better. As you can tell by my title I thought the season finale was kind of blah. As in True Blah.

True Blood has so many things going for it. It just has a bad habit of killing them off. Like the crazy funny boyfriend of the King of Louisiana. Good plot line but dang he was sooooo fun to watch. Hate that. And the KING!!! Please don't kill him...or Eric...and for God's sake don't screw it all up by killing off Pam. She is awesome!!! Kill Soukie before ya kill off Pam. Seriously. Now I've read all the books and the show is not following them for the most part. Some good some bad. But, keep watching. It's worth it.

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