Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Gets Better

I had so many great things to share tonight cause it has been awhile. I had amazing new beauty stuff (and you know we all need that) delicious recipes (okay, we prolly didn't need those but dang they are good) and don't even get me started on the books, tv and movies you just have to see can't live without....but, before I started on this I got sucked into that black hole of time I love to call Facebook...and no, I have not seen the movie yet but I can't wait!! JUST too busy on FACEBOOK to go see the MOVIE ABOUT FACEBOOK...that might be a problem for them, ya think? All us FB addicts can't go see the movie cause we are home on FB. Just a thought.

But, FB has lots of really good things happening too. Not just Betty White's career boost. She is AMAZING an prolly was gonna ride this wave all on her on. But, FB did get her on SNL. And, my original FB post tonight was about how great SNL was last Saturday with Sue Sylvester...LOVE HER LOVE AND THE SHOW GLEE...but, again that is not what I am writing about now. Now that I watched something my friend Robert from high school in the small southern town of Thomaston, Georgia shared on Facebook.

I don't think he will mind me sharing with you that he is gay. He is also several years younger than me but I knew him in high school because his oldest brother was in my class. There was also a middle brother and all three were without a doubt the cutest things ever. All the girls were crazy about them. That is how I remember them. Loved them then and love them now. Two youngest are more flattered by attention from the opposite sex. That is silly southern for gay. I don't care -you shouldn't - just means they are awesome. Robert shared this video on Facebook today and it really is a wake up call for ALL of us. I am soooo proud to say an amazing man from my new adopted home state of Texas shared something so personal and brave with all of us. I just hope those of us that need to hear it most - do.

Do listen and honestly, take a moment to think about your kids, your family, your friends...does it really matter who they want to love and marry based on sexual preferences??? If their choice is a good person that loves them back, does it matter if they are the same size, race, or sexual orientation? Is it worth children killing themselves, starving themselves or living alone? If Jesus loves us all, shouldn't that cover everything? I may not be in "church" every Sunday, but I do believe in God. I do believe he made us all. I do believe he is ready for all of us to trust him and that. If he made it, all we need to do is respect it all. ALL. Not just what looks like us. We are all human and flawed and He loves us still. Watch the video - just google Joel Burns It Gets should be there. Grab a box of tissues first and open your heart and MIND. You just might help us save ourselves...or at least our children.

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