Sunday, August 22, 2010

The End of Summer 2010

Tonight is the night for my family....I know our friends in Georgia have been back to school for about three weeks. Wow, that really sucks for you. Tomorrow morning will really suck for us. You have adjusted and are prolly in your groove right now. We will lay awake tonight thinking about tomorrow and stressing cause we are still awake. Until about 28 minutes before this really LOUD SHRILL NOISE wakes us up. And trust me those 28 minutes will feel like the best sleep we've had all summer. Even though at some point during them we will be dreaming about showing up the first day without any pencils and naked. Again, this will suck for us. You've already recovered and realizied the wisdom of going to bed before 1:30am and that you were just dreaming bout the pencils and lack of clothes. We will feel like zombies for the next week or so. Then we will be so overwhelmed by the projects due and tests to study for, that it will be Christmas before we know it. And before we can unwrap the presents it will be summer 2011. It's no joke that time is flying. You know you are old as dirt when your kids get that too. When they start complaining about how fast time is going - then you know you might need to be making some final plans.

The only thing saving me from feeling my real age (besides the wrinkles and rolls and crap that is happening to my body - and the number of times I've heard "Mam" lately) is that my baby is not yet 16. Time is dragging for him until 11/14/2010...The DAY he will turn 16. Then I will also age another 100 yrs. INSTANTLY. Even though I know how fast the year flies by once September gets here it will drag for him and hopefully for me. As much as I am enjoying watching my children grow up and mature - it is scary to know that they are not the only ones growing older. Happens to us all. Our friends, pets, parents and yes, that face we see everyday in the mirror.

So to all my dear McKinney friends getting ready for the first day of school tomorrow - whether it's kindergarten or 6th grade or sophmore year of high school/college...time is flying by for all of us, kiss and hug your loved ones and send them on their way tomorrow. And for those of us with kids away at school, send them a text! Thank god for texting and facebook - it almost feels like they are still home. And for those of you with kids off to college for their freshman year - don't forget to "take" your family Christmas card picture by Thanksgiving break. I learned the hard way last year that it is really hard to get a good one on 12/17. Even harder to get it developed and in the mail by 12/25....just a thought.

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