Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Let's start with Denial...I am not really ready for summer to be over. So we are just pretending that this is not the last Wednesday of summer '2010....that would make me sad. Right now, I am still giggling from watching the first episode of Weeds Season Six. This is even more fun cause I just watched it on this really cool website - Now stop laughing. I KNEW about Hulu. This was just the first time I actually sat down and watched something on it. AWESOME. If you don't mind them bleeping some of those creative words (except for bitch - funny that, kinda made me mad that was okay but other creative choices weren't. Sexist, I say.) Otherwise it rocks to watch shows on Showtime. We pay for HBO but not Showtime. So excited about watching stuff on Hulu!!! Due to major power outage and transformer blowing in my side yard and hot cute firemen coming on the night of Desperate Housewives season finale last spring, I missed the last show and that is why I tried to find it on Hulu. That episode won't be available till the end of August but I can wait a few more weeks. AND watch Weeds!!!LOVING THAT!!! Almost makes up for it being the end to summer.

Back to Weeds - please tell me you have been watching!!! If not - run to Blockbuster and get started. Warning - YOU will become addicted. I am pretty sure there is crack in it. Cause one show and you are hooked for life. It is just a touch racy so you might not want to view with anyone from your church. Nancy Botwin is my hero. Not because she deals pot to save and support her family. That is just wrong - and I along with Bill have never inhaled anything. Funny if you knew me - that this would be one of my favorite shows. I love her because she always does whatever she needs to do to take care of her family....and WHATEVER just doesn't even begin to cover it. Plus, she is just so cool about it all. True role model.

Won't give away any major plot secrets but, will say I loved seeing all the Vera Bradley piled in her car as she was fleeing off to her next adventure. For those of you that think Vera isn't cool - HA!!! If it's good enough for Nancy B. it is good enough for me...yes, all that Vera Bradley gave me a good giggle. Can't wait to tell Babygirl about it. She might have walked in during a few episodes over the years so she will giggle too. We also are huge Vera Bradley fans. I'm guessing she has provided pretty well for her family too.

As for providing for families - tonight we are having our favorite Chicken Marsala w/ Marscarpone. John will be teaching Tyler how to make it since she will have an apartment with kitchen this year at school. Griffin already knows how and he will be joining us after lax practice. We are under strict orders not to eat it all. I did all the shopping and prep work and will be supervising from a safe spot with a glass of wine...the fact that it is almost 8:00 and we haven't even started yet tells me that it is still summertime. Got to love that! Back to Denial...and Hulu. Monday morning will be here before we know it, but for now....STILL SUMMER 2010!!! Enjoy!!

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