Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday Week

This is the BIG ONE... Who am I kidding? The family is all freakin out about the big one...But, seriously, even though I am the little girl that cried WOLF for the last five years this time I mean it....On Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 I will turn my last time at 40 SOMETHING!!! Pause and give this moment the respect it deserves...THANK YOU. Now, give me a moment to stop crying and shamelessly milking it for all it is fucking worth....HONESTLY PEOPLE, SHOW SOME F'ING RESPECT FOR YOUR FREAKIN ELDERS -PLEASE. THINK I'VE EARNED IT NOW!!!

Liquid diets and all aside, this is truly the big one leading up to next year - when you will all really need to be here to celebrate with me and keep me from bodily I eat lots of cake. Got this year covered and it is just going to be really good for me. Told the family tonight to clear Wednesday and Friday nights for me....Wednesday is a secret (will blog later) and Friday we will all be at Gold Coast Cinemas to see Inception - hope Leo doesn't disappoint!!

Wonderman covered all his bases two months ago in Vegas with a nice ring to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday - love him!!! And, he sent me happily to Hawaii for a girlfriend get away this past week so I am coasting into birthday week with no complaints and feeling fine!! They are all freakin out over the secret Wednesday night me they will love it!! KNOW I will...and I'll share later.

So, no matter who is celebrating their birthday - to all of us celebrating another year - to us!! Wear it well!! Cheers!!

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