Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Is Right In Our World

Once again we are unfortunately drawn together as another unspeakable act changes lives at random. Lives, limbs, families, hopes and dreams are forever altered. Even when those responsible are caught and punished, it does not change or take away what was lost. As a nation, once again we are proving why we are strong. It is not because of retaliation, although An Eye For An Eye is one of my favorite parts of the bible. It is because we come together and we take care of our own and most of the world when needed. As horrified as I was yesterday as I watched the events unfold, I was equally amazed as I watched the heroes that rushed to save lives, to offer comfort, to put themselves at risk unselfishly.

 I saw an amazing quote today on Facebook by Mr. Rogers. His mother told him when he was a child and frightened by bad things going on in his world to always look for the helpers. I just loved that and  know I'm not the first to praise our heroes/helpers yesterday but in the midst of terror it is no small feat that there are helpers that run toward the trouble. It renews my faith in mankind, even when cowards hiding behind some misguided sense of righteousness try to take it away.

My goal behind this blog is to share the good stuff in life. Yesterday made that goal a little harder until I focused on the Helpers. We can all be helpers everyday in our own lives. We don't even have to rush towards danger to accomplish this. We can live our lives with faith, hope and love for one another. It shouldn't take an act of violence to remind us of this but, it doesn't hurt to renew our focus on what is really important. Let your loved ones know how much you love them. Everyday. Keep in touch with your friends near and far. Even if it is a quick hit on Face Book, text, twitter, or email. Smile at a stranger. Be positive. Encourage others. Share. Be Helpers. Mr. Rogers, we miss you.

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