Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dallas is Back

I'm sure I'm not the only one that grew up on Dallas. The TV show. JR, Sue Ellen, Bobby, Pam, Lucy and Cliff to name a few...Miss Ellie and Jock. Before U-verse, Direct TV and a few others, including big clunky VCR tapes, there were the good ole days, when you had to actually show up at the right time and WATCH your favorite show on live tv. AND only one show - so you had to pick which one it was going to be. And sit through all the commercials. I'll be the first to say those were NOT the good ole days. Great TV - but, a pain in the ass to watch that way.

Flash forward a few years - more than 25 (so I've been told) and some of us are still watching Dallas.  What an inspiring testament to great TV. Those that remember it when, are watching it now. And it has three original cast members bringing it back. Sue Ellen, Bobby and J.R.- How lucky are we? For a few episodes longer...And as much as we love the cast from the past - let's take a moment to praise the ones that will be carrying Dallas into the future. Hats off to John Ross for delivering the best opening line in a long time..."Love is for P*SS&@s"! LOVED IT!! But, true Southern Girl that I am - I can say and write a LOT of ugly/curse/bad words, but the P word is not one of them. Just a personal girl thing. But, John Ross can say that all day long :)))

Anyhoo!! Back to tonight - cause I'm catching up on my time with the awesome AT&T U-verse and as a former Direct TV customer I can only say,  NO COMPLAINTS  with AT&T - John Ross set the tone and it was a fun two hour opener with the younger cast holding their own while Bobby, Sue Ellen and J.R. reminded us all why we are still watching. One of my favorite moments was when Sue Ellen*, who owed J.R. big time for saving her, gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek and said, "And THAT is all you are going to get". And he, ever the gentleman, said, "There is the Gal I know". Got to love that. And the really freaking hot off the elevator scene with John Ross and Pamela/Rebecca...have I mentioned how wonderful John Ross is??? Dallas is going to be just fine - keep watching!

I am a little sad that the other original Ewing brother is missing - Gary. Remember him? If you were a Knot's Landing Fan like myself you would. He was the black sheep that got his own spin off show - my favorite of all time - Knot's Landing....Every Thursday night at 10:00 there was only one place I wanted to be. In Front Of A TV Watching Knot's Landing. 25 1/2 Years ago  my first date with Wonderman happened to be on a Thursday night. And yes, I was a little nervous. It was going great - He was as cute and charming as I thought he was the Friday night before when I met him. He called me on Wednesday and we talked for an hour and made plans for Thursday night. Dinner at what happened to be my favorite restaurant in Atlanta, Indigo's.  He loves to tell everyone that I ate every single thing in front of me that night. Like I had not eaten lunch, breakfast or dinner for a week before that night. The real story is that it was getting closer to 10:00 and time was a ticking. He had one last test to pass for a second date. Would he pass the Knot's Landing Test??? Fast forward - we'll go into details of first date in April when we celebrate our 25th Anniversary...yes, He got an A+ on the first date test. Not only did I get to see Knot's...he had me in front of a tv putting his arm around me during Hotel. A slightly cheesy show that came on at 9:00...during which he got a few pecks on the cheek - Sue Ellen is not the only girl that knows how to get a man :) By 10:00,  WE were watching KL and I knew without a doubt, he was a keeper. Sorry, John Ross - Love is not for Pu#$%@s...But, you keep being a very bad boy and we will keep watching you and missing J.R.too.

*Sue Ellen - Wow! She looks awesome this season and I'm JUST SAYING - I'LL DO WHATEVER SHE DID...and I'm guessing it was not all that filler crap that makes faces look fat. And Old. I'm thinking a good ole fashion face lift is still the way to go. One Day. You go girlfriend. Amazing!

P.S.....how funny is it that this born & bred Atlanta (by way of Thomaston) gal now lives in Texas!! And just last week we were lucky enough to be at a party at the former Hunt home, known as Mt. Vernon for a pre party for the Cotes du Coeur, supporting the American Heart Association. This beautiful private home was the first home in Dallas to have air conditioning and a swimming pool. Think about that - today it also has the world's largest private bowling alley - the very one that was featured in the world famous Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog as a his and her gift....this little girl growing up watching Dallas - J.R., Sue Ellen and Bobby - never saw that coming. Life is good. God is great.

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