Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Bye to Summer 2011

Normally, I would be sad and crying now...but due to the unbelieveable frickin heat -and no, in my head I am not thinking frickin but that other little F word that when used every once in awhile makes you feel better when something just aint right. And if ever anyone has a reason to drop the F bomb on the weather/heat those of us living thru this summer in Texas DO....Go ahead and think it/say it with me - it is F'ing hot and we are over it!! Good bye Summer 2011!!! Here are some of the things that made it better for me and a few of my friends on fb - hope you like some of them too!

1. Things to do to get out of the fu'ing heat....MOVIES - Crazy Stupid Love!! Go see it and don't hesitate to buy it if ya miss it in theaters. Horrible Bosses & The Help were also great....Planet of the Apes and Fright Night were worth the air conditioned time...Still want to see Sarah's Key and One Day (read both books and loved them) and also Idiot Brother. Not that I have one of those....idiot never reads my blog. Also Bridesmaids made the list....

2. TV at home in air conditioning...Franklin & Bash - witty & very easy on the eyes with fantastic music and stories = great tv. Necessary Roughness, The Glades, Memphis Heat, White Collar, True Blood, Rizzoli & Isles, Happy Endings, etc...and for God's sake get Direct Tv, Universe, or whatever and record and watch on your time schedule...there is nothing better than being able to pause while watching tv except maybe forwarding thru commercials. And some of those are really funny now too.

3. Vacay places - we loved Crested Butte and check out this link to our fav condo there, Hawaii is always a winner, cruises and anywhere cooler than here seemed to be a hit. We also loved Santa Fe and Taos on our drive to Crested Butte.

4. Books - mine were One Hit Wonder, First Husband, One Day - want to see that movie too!, Cutting for Stone and The Last Werewolf. Some of my friends loved...Secret Daughter, The Tenth Song, Shadow in the Wind, Unbroken, Night Road, Silver Girl, Pictures of You and Touch by Alexi Zenter.

5. Recipes - great brie appetizer:
1 round of brie - trim off rind and chopped into chunks, topped with chopped roma tomatoes and green onions. 3-4 dollops/tablespoons of pesto. Toss in dish and heat at 350 until cheese melts. Throw in a spoon and stand back ...serve on crackers and bask in the compliments...thanks, Suzanne!!

Great easy dinner - Just had it tonight :)

roasted beets with hot pickled okra and cucumbers : wash and trim ends off of three beets. Sprinkle with olive oil, salt & pepper. Place in covered dish and cook in oven @ 350 degrees for 1 hour. Cool and peel, season with salt - toss with several chopped hot pickled okra (check pickle section at grocery store - grannies shelf if lucky) and I love to add Rick's Picks The People's Pickle - a garlic dill pickle...If you can't find that, no worries just add your fav dill pickles and a little chopped garlic. Splash it with red wine vinegar and stir it all up and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Delish....

Pork chops on grill - grill hot, chops room temp with evoo, salt, pepper, lemon pepper, garlic on both sides....grill about 4 minutes each side if one inch thick...cover with foil and let sit...

fried rice - Birds Eye frozen rice in a bag with carrots and peas and corn...follow directions season with toasted seasame oil & butter & then "fry" or reheat in pan over medium heat, stirring until hot

roasted fresh okra - oven at 450. Okra washed and dry. Chop off ends and toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, lemon pepper... single layer on a foil covered pan - roast until charred. Black is good. My oven took about 25 minutes...don't be afraid to burn it. Better for you and better tasting than fried. Burn it. Trust me. YUMMMMM. Works with broccoli too. Just make sure vegetable is dry before oil and seasonings are added and spread in single layer in pan. Burn it...

6. Desserts - Freakin hot summer calls for ice cream...or as I like to call it Ass Cream...cause that is where it seems to go. And if you are going to grow a big ole Kardashian Ass this is how to do it....Blue Bell can do no wrong...worth every penny every time...but, try Kroger brand Private Selections chocolate chip and my new fav - Sea Salt Caramel...truly are no words for this..Just eat and embrace your curves.

7.Alcohol - Read the following responsibly...Whipped vodka - buy it and keep it in the freezer and sip carefully :). Bacardi's Frozen Margarita mix in the orange juice frozen section at grocery store follow directions with Tequilla and add one beer - 90 calories and yummy!! Bella Sera Pinot Grigio big ole bottle. St. Germain is delicious with Fresca. And Flora Springs makes a great chardonnay.

8. Friends and Family - mix them all up and enjoy!! And for the ones you missed - that is what Fall is for ...plan another get away to catch up and share the good stuff!

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