Monday, November 8, 2010

Strangest Night of my life...

Ya'll know I am usually about the good and funny here...but, tonight was kinda strange. It all started in the driveway...son going to lacrosse practice which is normal - I'm riding shotgun there and bringing his truck home, cause next week is his sixteenth birthday and then Mom's Taxi Service is over...keyword driveway - then girl screaming (me) due to snake in the driveway. Anaconda in my eyes as all snakes are. Lots of drama - Dad tosses snake into yard, saves the night, I drive son to practice, blah blah blah. Get back home - freakin out about gigantic reptile in yard and decide grilled chicken is yummy in oven too. Can't face possible outdoor critters again alone. Hubs is now at tennis courts and I am all alone.

So to recover and ignore all laundry, I decide to open wine and catch up on girl my direct tv. On multiple tvs I start with Private Practice...THE EPISODE where one of my favorite tv characters is brutually attacked. Last season I watched another fav girl on this show answer her doorbell to crazy patient who then cut her child out of her BELLY and left us hanging until this season. If I didn't like this show so much I think I could find one less upsetting. One bottle of wine later - give me a break, I've had a really rough night!!! - the strongest, bravest, out there woman on tv is lying about the fact that some asshole brutally raped her. Putting her friends in a bad place pretending they don't know what really happened. While her great, but whussy husband, wigs out cause he didn't protect her. AND he doesnt even admit he knows she was raped. Hint to all guys - we love our stuff and bags but if some asshole wants to steal it, we will give it up. True, I'd fight for my cell phone (pics hello!!) but my wallet???? Wedding rings? OKAY, All bets off. Still, very gut ripping tv. Then that ended with no real solution yet, and I thought what did that just teach young girls??? You are brutally violated without cause and YOU feel shame and cover it up??? Hope the show fixes this. Not what I want my daughter to feel if ever in this spot. My girl better nail the bastard. And you can only do this by standing up for yourself and telling what happened.

After this happy hour, I decided to watch Saturday Night Live...just happened to have the episode with Rihanna and I'm sorry but the song just broke my heart...dont even know the real name just the words "Oh, Nana what's my name" made me sad.. really hope it wasn't something else but she just seemed lost. We all know what she went thru with Chris Brown. When and how do our girls learn this is never, NEVER okay? If you are a doctor, singer, mother, sister or prostitute? THIS is never okay!!

Then, desperate for something better I watched Robin Roberts special with Leanne Rhymes - OMG!! Get she had it hard being a successful child star and all but, please does that make it okay to cheat on your husband and steal another woman's husband??? Is he really that much of a catch??? Don't think so!!Just once, I want to hear someone like her or Tiger say, " I couldn't help myself! I know in my heart this was wrong and that it would hurt other people - but, couldn't stop cause I am a selfish bastard/whore and you know what? DIDN'T CARE - DID IT ANYWAY!!" Then, I just might believe them when they realize and say, "OMG - I really did just cause all this pain in so many lives." No one wants to admit they did anything wrong...even when they didn't. Charlotte did not deserve what happened to her on Private Practice. Neither did Rihanna. As for LeAnne, well - just admit you couldn't help yourself. But, don't cry victim. Say, "I am human and I am sorry." I know none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Sometimes we do everything right and life still turns out wrong. Life is hard and wonderful. Just stand up for yourself when you are right and stand up and admit when you are wrong. That's all...

The men in our lives should care if they can't be there to protect us. They should never ever be the ones hitting or hurting us. And if they do - WE SHOULD NEVER ACCEPT IT...OR COVER IT UP!!!

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